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Bhutan Kundhey Adventure is a licensed travel agent in Bhutan operated by a young and energetic team with hands-on experience in tourism industry. The word kundhey in Dzongkha literally means ‘all-joyful’. An approximate rendering of our name in English would be Bhutan Joyful Adventure. The name simply implies that we strive to create ‘a state of happiness and comfort of body and mind’ for our guests. 

Bhutan Kundhey Adventure offers travel and tourism-related services including, but not limited to, package tours, mass tours, air ticketing, food, and accommodation.

Small and beautiful, and green, Bhutan has everything that can offer a period of great relaxation and instant relief to your busy and hectic life. While the country, in its entirety, is a paradise on earth there are particular places and sites you can visit and activities you can engage in during your enjoyable and fun-filled holiday in Bhutan.

In every nook and cranny of the country, you can admire lofty mountains, picturesque grottos, impenetrable forests, and exotic animals; you can hear fast-flowing rivers, winding streams, and bubbling rivulets; you can watch woodland birds flapping their wings and hear them chirping, singing, and twittering.

In the villages, you can watch exotic birds nesting on the roofs of houses and you can see migratory birds flocking over peoples’ heads. In every region or village, you can hear people speaking different language and observing local customs and traditions. Everywhere, you can visit sacred sites and monuments all of which are steeped in history.

Bhutan Kundhey Adventure offers tour packages that can take you to various attractions across the country and help you gain unforgettable experiences. In particular, we arrange cultural tours, trekking and sight-seeing, rafting, honeymooning, and festival, tours. We also tailor our services to suit your needs and desires. ‘You Tell Us and We Do It For You’ is our motto.

Depending on the length of time you like to enjoy, you can choose one or more of the following tour packages:

1) One-week package

This package includes visits to the prime tourist attractions in and round the capital city Thimphu and Paro, the international gateway to Bhutan. It includes an evening of tailor-made cultural show, such as mask dances and traditional singing and dancing. Optionally, this package include a four-day trekking from Paro to Thimphu.

2) Two-week package

This includes package (1) plus visits to the prime tourist attractions in and around Punakha and Wangdi Phodrang. Optionally, it includes White Water Rafting in Punakha.

3) Three-week package

This includes package (1) and package (2) plus visits to the prime tourist attractions in and around Bumthang and Trongsa, the two central districts of Bhutan.

4) Four-week package

This includes package (1), package (2), and package (3), plus visits to the prime tourist attractions in and around Trashigang, an eastern district bordering North-east India and Southern Tibet. While you will be crossing the eastern district of Mongar on the way, this package especially includes visits to Merak via Radhi and to Sakteng via Phongmey. Optionally, it includes a one-day trek from Merak to Sakteng crossing the spectacular and towering Nyakchungla Mountain that rises dramatically in between Merak and Sakteng.

If you are pressed for time and cannot do all the above packages sequentially, you have the option of choosing package (1) and package (3) together with two weeks of time at your disposal, package (1) and package (4) together with two weeks (or three weeks), or combination of any two or more packages.

Go travelling and enjoy life! We are here to add spice to your life by opening our door for you to the Land of Thunder Dragon. Don’t be a listener to the accounts of events that other people have to narrate; gain a first-hand experience yourself, feel real happiness for yourself, and be a storyteller yourself. Bhutan Kundhey Adventure is here to help you become an excellent storyteller about Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon. Be ready to embark on this great adventure, an adventure you will never regret.

We offer first-class services to all our guests. We take pride in maintaining our professionalism and quality of our services.

We promise to send you back home with a feeling of lasting happiness.

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